From the Buckeye state hails Jordan Hopkins a.k.a Nizzereo. Born and raised in Columbus Ohio, he taught himself the basics of both chord structure and music theory and started making beats on his cousin’s computer as a hobby. At 16 he began perfecting his production skills and developed a versatile skill set ranging from beat making to vocal production. 


With experience in numerous DAWs (including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live) he can enter most sessions and get right to work. His openness to all music allows him to have an open mind when working with artist. From time to time Nizzereo steps from behind the computer to become the artist. He has performed at 2x2 Fest, Comfest, Common Grounds in Waco, TX, and many other places.


In 2018, Nizzereo created Selective Company Entertainment, LLC, which he plans to use as the foundation to his career in the entertainment industry.

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